Mahesh is a sacred place and holy destination for pilgrims.The place is sacred with the association of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanyadev, Sri Ramakrishnadev and Sri Ma Sadadadevi who all visited the place. To pay tribute and show reverence to all these noble souls, the Ashram authority has inserted the name of the place "Mahesh" in the name of the organization as it is located in Mahesh Mouja.

Activities :

According to the "Memorandum of Associations and Rules - Regulation", Mahesh Shri Ramakrishna Ashram is Involved in different social activities some of which are :

  • 1. Education
  • 2. Free treatment and help works
  • 3. Organizing programmes, both religious & cultural
  • 4. Publication
  • 5. Campaign
  • 6. Miscellaneous


Keeping Swami Premaghnanda in front some youth accepted iron determination in Panchabati, Dakshineswar in the morning of full moon in 1940. Dirty faces of principle’s destruction raised every side due to second corruption. This picture affected in heart of youth devotees. They feed to attract children & youth for organizing their mind. Principle & activity of Ramakrishna & Vivekananda would be only way to walk & destination.

Swami Premaghnanda took Sanyas&Dikshya from second president of Belur moth Swami Shivananda Maharaj. He has no way but to resign from Belur moth for sake of purification of society. In 1941, he published a monthly magazine ‘Kishore Sava’ with the help of some active youths. ‘Kishore Bangla Press’ has been established for publishing principle & objectives in 1943 & its office was set up at 25, Balram Dey street, Kolkata. Then after, a proposal was made to form Ashram to Swamiji. A meeting was held in presence of president Shyamananda at the office of ‘Kishore Bangla’ in December, 1950. It was decided that Sri Ramkrishna Ashram would be established in Mahesh, directed by Swami Premaghnanda. A management committee was formed.

Ultimate principle was being implemented gradually through all activities in Mahesh Ashram which was registered on 17th September’ 1951 (No- 19979/400). Health of Swami Premaghnanda became worse because of tire less hard working for improvement & financial strength of Mahesh Ashram. He passed away (age-56) at 7.45 am on 22nd April’ 1956. Some rules & committee regulation has been amended after his death in 1957. All the properties & assets were registered on ‘Board of Trustee’ in the name of ‘Mahesh Shri Ramakrishna Ashram Math.

Swami Asitanandamaharaj was 2nd president & principal of Ashram after death of Swami Shyamananda. Swami Muktatmananda became third president in 1973. Swami Avishthananda was selected as next president in November, 1989. Committee decided DandiswamiDamodar as president on death of Swami Avishthananda in 2001. First secretary of Ashram was Swami Abhonanda&Batakrisna Ghosh after that. In September, 1953 Swami Somanandamaharaj was selected secretary whose mentor was Swami Premaghnanda. Assistant secretary Swami Shivaramanandji has been serving in this Ashram since beginning of operation. Besides, some other monks from Howrah, Hooghly, Kolkata are included in management committee.