Bed, Dress and Others:

Bed is provided from hostel authority.

Students need to bring 6’-3’ mattress, blanket, 2-bed cover, 2-pilow etc, utensils, bucket etc. with name mentioned.

We entertain formal dress like 2 white half shirt, 1 white half pant, 2 black half pant, 2 navy blue socks, 4 pairs of white socks, 1 pair of white keeds, 1 pair of black shoes, 1 pair of slippers etc.

Authority provides 2 dhotis, 2 panjabis from ‘expense in hand’ to all students as per measurement.

Hostel office is not responsible for any loss of your belongings.


Three times tiffin (snacks) and two times main meals in variety are provided.

Milk with Amway (Health Products) is served at the time of tiffin (snacks) in afternoon.

Students enjoy 3-times veg meals & rest 2 times lunch & dinner Non-veg meals in a week.


Five Doctors look after sick students in the hostel. (GENERAL PHYSICIAN, DENTIST, DERMATOLOGIST, EYE SPECIALIST)

24-hour Ambulance service is available.

Homeopathy treatment is applied for general illness.

We send students home if required.